About Us


- Fuinco is an IT company headquartered in Cairo, we look forward to create solutions and products that add value to the local and international market.
- We provides products, solutions and services mainly related to mobile apps and its other touching areas of software using our technology and your ideas.
- All the serving areas are driven from the innovation, research and a team of young professionals under supervision of senior management.
- The differentiation on the back of our creativity has been a substantial component over the years in every project we do.

what we do ?

We are a team consisting of two generations of both young and experienced individuals of over 20 years, striving to bring amazing values to our clients through passion and spirit and always looking for a better future.

Why Fuinco?

1- Innovation - Introducing new products periodically.
2- In-house seasoned app developers.
3- A creative team of experienced & experience senior management.
4- Presence in Egypt, and through our partners in KSA, UAE and expansion plans for the rest of the world.
5- Research based project-prototyping, testing and marketing.
6- Ready to use mobile apps, solutions & tailor made services.
7- One gateway for all - Apps, web, software & online marketing services.

Our goal

Our main goal is continuous development and advancement as a united team. Fuinco is a team of passionate, talented, hard-working professionals, ready to take risks and show reasonable initiative. We value each other and the opportunities the company provides.


Address the issues of business and social community in the area of information technology with the way of genuine innovation.


Build innovative ideas into products to add value to the industry to better serve the clients and customers.

our process